A2X opened it’s doors for trade on 6 October 2017 with a team committed to progressing the financial market-place in South africa. Find out more about our journey here.


In September 2021 A2X CEO Kevin Brady chatted to  Mark Tobin and the Finance Ghost on a Twitter Space about why companies should have a secondary listing on A2X, the benefits of healthy competition, the opportunities and challenges facing A2X and more.



Oct 10 2014

A2X is Founded

by Sean Melnick, Ashley Mendelowitz and Kevin Brady, individuals with experience in financial markets and technology. Their goal was to create a new South African exchange to bring healthy competition to the market.

Mar 1 2017

African Rainbow Capital acquires a 20% share in A2X

ARC Chairman, Patrice Motsepe, says “We are happy to support A2X in bringing effective competition in an industry traditionally dominated by one player. Ultimately, competition drives market efficiencies and this benefits all users, including individual investors and pensioners”.

Apr 6 2017

A2X issued with an Exchange Licence with an infrastructure to clear

A2X officially becomes a new South African exchange licensed in terms of the Financial Markets Act, 2012

Oct 6 2017

A2X goes live and with three listed companies

African Rainbow Capital, Peregrine Holdings and Coronation Fund Managers become the first companies to list on A2X.

Anton Pillay, Coronation CEO, says, “As an active player in the South African equity market as both an issuer and fund manager, we appreciate the impact that A2X is likely to have on South African markets. For this reason, we felt that Coronation needed to be part of the evolution.”

Nov 9 2017

Afrimat secondary lists on A2X

Andries van Heerden, CEO of Afrimat explained his rationale for listing, “Our board agrees that stock exchange competition is healthy for the entire market. We support the idea that reduced cost of trading will bring in additional investors. We look forward to being traded on A2X.”

Nov 29 2017

Sandown Capital secondary lists on A2X

After unbundling from Peregrine Holdings, Sandown Capital lists on A2X on the same day as on the JSE

Dec 1 2017

NALA acquires a 10% stake in A2X

Jan 15 2018

Reuters provides real-time price data of shares listed on A2X

“At Thomson Reuters, we believe in open markets where multiple players thrive, using systems that drive efficiency and provide better customer experience. This is why we are open to working with and providing data from all exchanges to our customers so that a variety of places to trade are offered and more informed trading decisions can be made with the clearest view of what’s happening around the world,” says Sneha Shah, MD Thomson Reuters Africa

Apr 10 2018

The Huge Group secondary lists on A2X

CEO of Huge Group Limited, James Herbst explains, “This was not a very difficult decision to make. There are no additional costs to Huge of listing its shares for trading on A2X, there is no additional administrative burden and the continuing obligations are easy to fulfil. The rationale for this secondary listing was mainly to bring the prospect of lower transactional costs to investors who trade our shares.”

Apr 12 2018

Bloomberg provides real-time price data of shares listed on A2X

Kevin Brady, CEO of A2X explains, “Bloomberg has a strong user base amongst industry participants and investors in the South African financial markets so the availability of A2X data on this platform is an important development in providing full visibility of price and volume activity on A2X. This will empower the industry to achieve best execution when transacting in listed securities across multiple trading venues.”

Apr 16 2018

Sanlam secondary lists on A2X

Sanlam shares become available for trade on A2X. Ian Kirk, Sanlam Chief Executive, says that Sanlam’s A2X listing is in the interests of its shareholders and provides an opportunity to participate in the on-going development and overall growth of South Africa’s capital markets. “We welcome the opportunity to attract possible new international investors.”

May 29 2018

Ascendis Health secondary lists on A2X

Ascendis Health CEO, Thomas Thomsen said, “We are pleased to complement our primary listing on the JSE with the secondary listing on A2X. We see the secondary listing as an opportunity to attract potential new investors through the lower-cost trading structure of A2X and broaden our shareholder base. There is no cost to the secondary listing or any additional regulatory compliance.”

Jul 10 2018

Anchor Group shares become 6th corporate from the Financial Services industry to list A2X

Anchor’s CEO, Peter Armitage says, “A secondary listing on A2X gives brokers more options and supports free market principles. There is no risk or cost to Anchor, and it makes economic sense for us to back people who are bringing down overall costs.”

Jul 18 2018

Growthpoint Properties becomes the first property listing on A2X

Norbert Sasse, Group CEO of Growthpoint Properties, comments: “We believe that our secondary listing on the A2X contributes to the growth and efficiency of South Africa’s financial markets, encourages competition, and aligns with global practices.”

Sep 13 2018

Sygnia Limited secondary lists on A2X

The listing offers Sygnia an opportunity to broaden and diversify its offering to benefit its clients and spur local innovation. “We support disruption, competition and best practice in South Africa’s capital markets. International experience has shown how competition helps drive a more efficient and responsive industry, which ultimately benefits the end consumer and assists in the overall growth of the market,” says Sygnia CEO, Magda Wierzycka.

Nov 15 2018

AVI Limited secondary lists on A2X

AVI become the first FMCG company to list on A2X

A2X CEO, Kevin Brady says, “AVI is home to many of South Africa’s leading and best-loved brands. As the first FMCG company to list on A2X, we view its listing as an important milestone as we attract listed companies from various sectors.”

Nov 15 2018

Standard Bank Group Limited Ordinary Shares and Preference Shares become available for trade

Standard Bank Group’s Financial Director, Arno Daehnke, comments, “We have listened to our institutional investors, who have called for these secondary listings, which will offer enhanced choice to investors to trade through A2X’s platform and which demonstrate our support for the deepening and broadening of financial markets.”

Nov 29 2018

African Rainbow Minerals becomes the first mining company to list on A2X

“We are pleased to welcome ARM onto our platform. ARM is the first company from the mining sector to list on A2X as we continue to attract listed companies from across the various sectors.” says A2X CEO, Kevin Brady

Dec 27 2018

Naspers Limited secondary lists on A2X

Naspers CEO, Bob van Dijk said: “A2X is one of a growing number of new exchanges that are leveraging technology in an effort to reduce trading costs and increase market transparency. As one of the world’s leading technology investors we understand the value of technology and are pleased to support these efforts by also listing on A2X. We believe our shareholders will appreciate the added choice of trading venues.” 

Feb 1 2019

Santam Limited secondary lists on A2X

Santam CEO, Lizé Lambrechts said: “We are continually looking for new ways to add benefit to our clients and shareholders. We see this additional listing as an opportunity to attract potential new investors. More importantly we are pleased to be complementing our existing listings on the JSE and Namibian Stock Exchange with a listing on A2X.”

Feb 4 2019

A2X approved to secondary list ETFs and ETNs

“We are pleased to announce that our application to extend our licence to include the secondary listing and trading of ETFs and ETNs, a high growth segment of the market, has been approved by our dual regulators, the FSCA and the Prudential Authority,” said: Kevin Brady, CEO of A2X.

Feb 6 2019

Tharisa plc shares become available for trade

Tharisa CEO, Phoevos Pouroulis said: “The secondary listing on A2X is an opportunity to improve liquidity and attract new investors through the lower trading costs offered by the A2X trading platform. There are no additional regulatory requirements or ongoing obligations. Listing on A2X will complement Tharisa’s existing listings on the JSE and LSE by providing investors with a choice of exchange on which to transact.” 

Apr 1 2019

Aspen secondary lists on A2X

Stephen Saad, Aspen Group Chief Executive said: “We continually strive to identify ways to increase value for our shareholders and the complementary A2X listing offers investors trading benefits while simultaneously providing the prospect of increasing our shareholder base.” 

May 2 2019

Mr Price becomes the first retailer to list on A2X

Mr Price CEO, Mark Blair said, “At Mr Price, one of our core values is partnership and it is part of our philosophy to share the ownership and success of our company. We have a long history of delivering value to our shareholders and we see this secondary listing as an opportunity to continue that trend. Listing on A2X markets gives more choice to our current investors and opens up opportunity for us to attract potential new investors.”

Jun 18 2019

Property Investment and Development Group NEPI Rockcastle lists on A2X

NEPI Rockcastle CEO, Alex Morar said, “…Importantly to us at NEPI Rockcastle is that this provides current and potential shareholders an additional platform in which to trade our shares besides the JSE and Euronext Amsterdam. This listing reconfirms our firm commitment and support of a competitive market structure that is in line with global best practice. The ability for our shareholders to have the choice of trading on two different exchanges in South Africa is testament to the continued growth and development of the capital markets. ”

Jul 1 2019

Equites Property Fund becomes the third company from the property sector to list on A2X

Equites CEO, Andrea Taverna-Turisan said, “The management team at Equites are committed to shareholder value creation. We see this listing on A2X as another opportunity to attract potential new investors and deliver even more value to our shareholders by providing our investors with the choice of a low-cost venue on which to transact our shares.”

Jul 11 2019

Absa is first to secondary list ETFs on A2X

The metal EFTs available for trade are NewGold (GLD), NewPlat (NGPLT) and NewGold Palladium (NGPLD)

Chris Edwards, Head of Prime Services and Index Solutions at Absa Corporate and Investment Bank said, “We are delighted to be the first issuer to offer investors the option of transacting in our metal ETFs on an alternative low-cost platform as well as the traditional JSE. ETFs are cost sensitive and by adding a secondary listing, it allows our investors to capture not only the direct saving of lower transaction fees but also the indirect savings that accrue as result of narrower spreads and increased liquidity.”

Jul 31 2019

Vunani financial services group secondary lists on A2X

Vunani Limited CEO, Ethan Dube said, “Our business model is designed to create stakeholder value by bringing together diversified financial services platforms and product offerings. Our listing on A2X is another way for us to support this model by giving more choice to our current investors and opening opportunity to attract potential new investors.”

Aug 13 2019

Industrial goods and services group Invicta secondary lists on A2X

Invicta CEO, Arnold Goldstone said, “We are committed to creating long-term value for our stakeholders and believe our secondary listings on A2X further underpin this commitment. Not only does it align with global best practice but it gives our investors a choice of venue on which to transact and an opportunity to save money.”

Sep 10 2019

Transaction Capital secondary list on A2X

Transaction Capital CEO, David Hurwitz said, “Transaction Capital’s secondary listing on A2X supports free market principles and offers enhanced choice to investors in an efficient and low-cost manner. As an innovative and entrepreneurial business, Transaction Capital is pleased to list on this pioneering platform.”

Oct 10 2019

Investec list first ETNs on A2X

Tinus Rautenbach, Head of Equities at Investec CIB said, “We are delighted to be the first ETN issuer to secondary list our products on A2X. Passive products such as ETNs are particularly cost sensitive as they track an underlying index consisting of a basket of securities. Our ETNs are market leaders as they have a zero total expense ratio. Making them available to investors on the A2X low-cost platform extends our value proposition to investors by offering innovative and cost-effective products.”

Oct 31 2019

Fairvest Property Holdings list on A2X

Fairvest CEO, Darren Wilder said, “We are pleased to complement our primary listing with a secondary listing on A2X. Not only does this encourage competition and align with global best practice, but we view this listing as an opportunity to attract potential new investors and broaden our shareholder base.”

Nov 27 2019

Emerging helium and domestic natural gas producer Renergen Limited lists on A2X

Renergen CEO, Stefano Marani said, “A2X presents an exciting, easy to use platform on which our current and future shareholders can trade at lower costs. A2X is a disruptive technology, that does not present any additional cost, risk or compliance and we see compelling value in this platform for our shareholders..”

Feb 3 2020

Sasol lists on A2X

Sasol Chief Financial Officer, Paul Victor, said “Sasol’s decision to list on A2X is part of the company’s commitment to continually find ways to increase value for shareholders as well as provide them with a variety of trading venue options.”

Mar 11 2020

City Lodge Hotel Group Lists On A2X

City Lodge Hotel Group CEO, Andrew Widegger said “At City Lodge we care for our shareholders, for the money that they invest in our company and for the trust that they have placed in us to grow their money wisely. We see this secondary listing not only as a way to save our investors’ money through A2X’s low cost structure but also as an opportunity to attract potential new investors.”

Apr 2 2020

Exxaro Resources shares become available for trade

Exxaro CEO Mxolisi Mgojo said “Mining still plays a significant role in the economy of our nation. Our listing on A2X supports our commitment to investors and the South African marketplace. At Exxaro we believe that one of the keys to remaining relevant is to incorporate emerging technologies into our business operations and our listing on A2X is an example of this. A2X is leveraging technology in an effort to reduce trading costs which will lead to cost savings for Exxaro investors.”

May 5 2020

Hudaco lists on A2X

Kevin Brady, A2X CEO said “We are pleased to welcome Hudaco to A2X. Hudaco is a company with a remarkable 125-year history. Such longevity isn’t easily achieved and its listing on A2X is testament to management’s ability to recognise opportunity and adapt to the needs of the marketplace.”

Aug 5 2020

Momentum Metropolitan lists on A2X

Momentum Metropolitan Group Finance Director Risto Ketola said “As a major participant in South African financial markets, we are committed to support initiatives that drive down the frictional costs in financial market transactions and we believe that the listing on A2X is part of that commitment. We also believe that healthy competition is to everyone’s benefit and supporting multiple local exchanges aids to increase competitiveness in this space.”

Nov 30 2020

Famous Brands lists on A2X

A2X CEO, Kevin Brady said “Famous Brands is home to many of South Africa’s favourite restaurants. The group have always given their consumers a variety of choice between restaurants and food types and we are delighted to now be bringing choice and also potential savings to Famous Brands’ shareholders too.”

Dec 18 2020

South African FinTech group Capital Appreciation Limited shares become available on A2X

Capital Appreciation joint CEO, Bradley Sacks said “By bringing cutting-edge FinTech to our clients, we give them the opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce cost and enhance customer experience. Our secondary listing on A2X extends this principal to our shareholders by providing them with the choice of transacting on an alternative platform, that through the use of the latest high-performance technology offers efficiency gains in the form of lower exchange fees and price improvement. This ultimately gives our transacting shareholders the opportunity to save money and supports the growth and development of the South African market”

Dec 23 2020

Prosus becomes the 40th company to list on A2X

A2X CEO, Kevin Brady said “As the largest listed consumer internet company in Europe and one of the most liquid companies on the African continent, this is a great endorsement for the benefits of an additional listing on A2X. We are absolutely thrilled to be welcoming Prosus to A2X.”

Apr 12 2021

South African hospitality, gaming and entertainment group, Sun International lists on A2X

Sun International CE, Anthony Leeming remarked, “Our listing on A2X provides our shareholders with the choice of an additional platform on which to transact our shares and to capture the savings offered through the lower exchange fees and narrower spreads.”

Apr 14 2021

Sygnia’s 10 Itrix ETFs list on A2X

Explaining the new listing, Sygnia CEO David Hufton said, “Following Sygnia’s listing on A2X in 2018, we are pleased that Sygnia’s full range of ETFs will soon be available for trade on A2X. This will offer our investors the opportunity to enjoy the benefits offered by the platform, including lower exchange fees, narrower spreads and added liquidity.”

Apr 28 2021

The Sygnia Itrix S&P Global 1200 ESG ETF lists on A2X

Sygnia CEO David Hufton said, “Responsible and sustainable investing has never been more compelling which is why more and more investors are incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into their decision-making. By listing our Itrix ETFs on A2X, we are able to provide our investors with ETF options to suit their investment principles and strategies while also saving them money through a choice of a low-cost trading venue.”

May 21 2021

The Sygnia Itrix MSCI Emerging Markets 50 ETF lists on A2X

Kevin Brady, CEO of A2X Markets, “The team at A2X are committed to finding ways to increase value for the companies listed on our board and their shareholders. We are therefore pleased to help Sygnia ETF investors cut costs through our narrower spreads, added liquidity and lower transaction fees.”

Aug 13 2021

EOH Holdings Limited lists on A2X

Megan Pydigadu, EOH Group Financial Director said, “EOH’s decision to list on A2X will give our shareholders access to an additional platform with lower transaction fees. This is in line with the Group’s commitment to continuously find ways to increase value for shareholders.”

Aug 17 2021

The Sygnia Itrix Solactive Healthcare 150 ETF lists on A2X

Sygnia CEO David Hufton said, “The healthcare sector has never been more relevant than it is right now. By listing this ETF on A2X, our local investors not only have exposure to international companies at the forefront of scientific innovation and healthcare, they are also able to extract additional benefits and save money through A2X’s low-cost platform when they transact.”

Sep 16 2021

Investec Ltd and Investec plc list on A2X

“Investec is pleased to announce a secondary listing on A2X to provide investors with a greater choice in trading venues,” said Investec Group Chief Executive Fani Titi. “We believe the secondary listing supports the development of a healthy local market.”

Oct 26 2021

Tiger Brands lists on A2X

Tiger Brands CFO Deepa Sita said, “Our listing on A2X provides our shareholders with the choice to transact our shares on an additional platform and capture the benefits it offers. In addition, it supports the development and growth of a healthy capital market in South Africa”

Nov 30 2021

TWK becomes the first cross-listing between two alternative exchanges in SA

TWK CFO Eddie Fivaz said, “TWK is excited about the opportunity to complement our listing on the CTSE with a listing on A2X. We see this secondary listing as an opportunity to attract potential new investors, grow liquidity in our shares and broaden our shareholder base”

Dec 13 2021

Gold producer, Pan African Resources lists on A2X

Pan African CEO, Cobus Loots commented, “Pan African has a track record of pursuing innovation and new technologies to generate efficiencies, compelling returns and long-term performance, and our listing on A2X is another example of this. Our investors will now enjoy the benefits offered by A2X, including added liquidity, lower exchange fees and narrower spreads.”

Dec 15 2021

Netcare Limited lists on A2X

Netcare CEO, Dr Richard Friedland said, “This month we celebrate 25 years since the group first listed on the JSE. In 1996 we owned just four hospitals compared to the current 51. A quarter of a decade and considerable growth later, we are pleased to be complementing our primary listing with a secondary listing on A2X. Continuous innovation is a core part of Netcare’s approach to better healthcare and being able to offer our investors a parallel cost effective benefit by listing on A2X, supports this value.”

Jan 3 2022

Remgro Limited lists on A2X

Remgro CEO, Jannie Durand said, “At Remgro our vision is to be the trusted investment company of choice that consistently creates sustainable stakeholder value. Our listing on A2X is an extension of this commitment and provides our investors with the choice to source additional liquidity and the opportunity to capture the benefits of narrower spreads and lower exchange fees.”

Feb 1 2022

Data specialist, PBT Group lists on A2X

PBT Group Chief Executive Officer, Elizna Read said, “We are excited to give our shareholders an additional trading venue where the benefits offered by A2X accrue to our shareholders.”

Apr 1 2022

Automotive group Motus lists on A2X

Motus Chief Executive Officer, Osman Arbee said, “Our entrepreneurial management approach encourages the business to look for innovative ways to add value for our shareholders and clients. By listing on A2X, we enable our shareholders to capture the benefits of lower costs and additional liquidity created through the utilisation of the latest exchange technology.”

Apr 1 2022

Nedbank lists on A2X

Nedbank CFO Mike Davis said, “Our listing on A2X complements our existing listings on the JSE and the NSX by giving investors the option to trade on their stock exchange of choice and potentially save costs when trading in Nedbank shares.”

Apr 29 2022

Sygnia Itrix New China Sectors ETF lists on A2X

Sygnia CEO David Hufton said, “Despite declining growth rates, there are plenty of more nuanced opportunities within China that warrant investor attention. By isolating specific sectors, Sygnia investors can now access a much more targeted approach to China’s evolving growth.”

May 4 2022

SA Corporate Real Estate lists on A2X

SA Corporate’s CEO, Rory Mackey said, The Board and management at SA Corporate are committed to constantly reviewing the use and allocation of the available resources to ensure maximum effectiveness for our shareholders. Our listing on A2X is an extension of this commitment as it gives our investors the opportunity to not only capture the benefits of narrower spreads and lower exchange fees, but to also source additional liquidity.”

May 11 2022

Fairvest Limited lists on A2X following the merger of Arrowhead Properties Limited and Fairvest Property Holdings

Fairvest CEO Darren Wilder said, “Fairvest Property Holdings first listed on A2X in October 2019 to complement our primary listing and give our investors the option to trade across markets. It was a natural progression to relist on A2X after the merger as we continue to look at all ways to save costs and put our shareholders first.”

Jun 6 2022

AngloGold Ashanti Lists on A2X

A2X CEO Kevin Brady said, “AngloGold Ashanti is one of the largest gold mining companies in the world with a diverse spread of shareholders that includes the world’s largest financial institutions.” We look forward to demonstrating the benefits that a listing on A2X brings to both AngloGold Ashanti and their shareholders.”

Jun 13 2022

Implats lists on A2X

Implats CFO Meroonisha Kerber said, “The Implats counter is a high-quality and liquid scrip and we are pleased to have the opportunity to offer it to the broadest possible range of investors. This secondary listing complements our primary listing and provides investors with a competitively priced choice of venue to transact in the Company’s shares. Implats investors gain exposure to a global precious metals portfolio, comprising operating PGM assets, projects and a toll-refining business. Together, our operations are well positioned to capture the benefits of the full PGM value chain through integrated processing facilities, including wholly owned smelters, as well as base and precious metal refineries. This secondary listing on A2X aligns with international best practice and supports the growth and development of South Africa’s capital markets.”