In order to trade on A2X,
you’ll need to become an
approved broker
Should you wish apply to become an A2X member
– simply follow the steps below.
Alternatively contact an approved broker to trade on your behalf – the list of approved brokers (members) can be found here.
Step 1
  • Request the A2X Membership Application Pack by sending an email to
  • The A2X Membership Application Form must be completed by applicants seeking membership to A2X for Trading Services and Trading and Investment Services.
  • You are welcome to contact the membership team on +27 11 088-5010 prior to completing the application to explain the process to you.
  • Email the completed form to
  • Submit scanned copies of all supporting documents together with your application form.
  • Prepare a hard copy file for collection by us or delivery to our offices by arrangement.
Step 2
  • We will review your application and supporting documents and provide our initial feedback.
  • Any additional information requested may be sent to us via email to the address provided above.
  • Once we receive all supporting or outstanding information, we will provide final feedback on our assessment of your application documentation.
Step 3