Are you currently a listed company on the JSE, if so, why not look to add a secondary listing on A2X Markets:

  • There is NO cost to secondary list on A2X Markets
  • There is NO annual fee to remain listed on A2X Markets
  • The secondary listing process is a well-established practice both internationally and in South Africa
  • The top 10 companies by market cap on the JSE – 7 have a secondary listing on the JSE (also known as a dual listing)
  • Settlement remains through Strate and the CSDPs – tried and tested process in South Africa
  • There is NO additional regulatory obligations to the company
  • NO impact on the company’s share register
  • A2X undertakes international best practice cross market surveillance – first in South Africa
  • International research is compelling – competition leads to improved liquidity and market quality
  • A healthy and competitive capital markets environment is good for all

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