Best Execution

By looking cross-market you can ensure that you are getting the best deal for your clients and are following international best practice.

Choice and Reduced Fees

Brokers now have a choice of trading venue. Narrower spreads and increased liquidity generate material savings while brokers enjoy a 50% reduction on the end-to-end cost of transacting.

A Contingency Plan

Should one market experience issues, listed shares will still be available for trade


Multilateral Trading Facility

The A2X model is a Multilateral Trading Facility styled exchange platform operating as follows:

Trading in qualifying equity securities

The matching engine is an anonymous central order book

All orders will be lit and matched on price/time priority

All trades currently take place on-market

A high performance, low latency platform

Internationally proven technology


Clearing Process

All trades executed on the platform will be cleared by A2X Clear as follows:

Clearing takes place on a mutlilateral basis

Settlement occurs on a T+3 rolling contractual basis

Settlement is assured and monitored by the A2X settlement committee

Strate is the appointed Central Securities Depository