A2X is a stock exchange playing an integral part in the progression of the South African market-place. Our experienced team, cutting-edge technology and agile environment enable us to provide an efficient and cost-effective trading venue to secondary list and trade shares.



Listing on A2X

Are you currently a listed company on the JSE, if so, why not look to add a secondary listing.





Trading on A2X

By looking cross-market, brokers can ensure that they are following international best practice and getting the best deal for their clients.






Latest News

Investec becomes first issuer to list ETNs on A2X
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Investec first to list ETNs on A2X
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Transaction Capital to list on A2X – IT-Online
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Best execution across stock exchanges is in best interests of South African investors – HedgeNews
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Market Data

Looking for A2X market data? Here is a list of registered vendors